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School History Accounts

Original 1992 Edition

This was produced in 1992 as part of the School's Tercentenary Celebrations. The text was composed on an Amstrad PCW computer and typeset by Mitchell and Wright, Southport. The design and artwork were produced by design students of Southport College under the guidance of Brian Nicholson, husband of School Secretary Lesley Nicholson. A print run of 200 copies was quickly sold. One copy was placed in the time box secreted in the room the upper classroom to be opened in 2092. I suppose any copies still in existence will be collectors items.

Revised Edition 2016

This brought the story up to date and included more about the history of the building. The mode of production differed greatly from the original. It was produced wholly on a MacBook Air laptop and upload to the website which is a subsidiary of Amazon. In this way single or multiple copies can be ordered, printed and despatched at will.Click the Preview link right to see a preview of the book.

To purchase via Amazon click the Link below.

The Hundred Pound School

Children's Edition 2016

This was produced specifically to be a gift to Year 6 leavers from the school. It is written with Key Stage 1 children in mind and contain a building quiz which encouraged readers to explore the many interesting and less will known parts of the building built a various times between 1693 and 2012. 

To purchase via Amazon click the Link below.

Richard Durning's Endowed School - What's in a Name?   

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